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Ulrich remains a fan of Diamond Head and would later go on to mix their album The Best of Diamond Head.

Later in 1981, Ulrich met James Hetfield in Downey, California, and they formed the heavy metal band Metallica.

Whilst concentrating on Original music throughout 2015/2016 we collaborated with many new artists in 2017 in order to create some amazing covers.

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The concert and album had a considerable impact on Ulrich, inspiring the start of his career in rock and roll and later heavy metal.

As a result of his newfound interest in music, he received his first drum kit, a Ludwig, from his grandmother around the age of 12 or 13.

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He was excited about the band's style of music after purchasing their debut album Lightning to the Nations, and traveled from San Francisco to London to see the band perform live at the Woolwich Odeon.

However, rather than playing tennis, Ulrich began playing the drums.

After publishing an advertisement in The Recycler, Ulrich met vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and formed Metallica.

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In February 1973, Ulrich's father obtained passes for five of his friends to a Deep Purple concert that was being held in the same Copenhagen stadium as one of his tennis tournaments.

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