Who is ryan from high school musical dating


That was until he ran into Sharpay (quite literally) on the street.She took him into her's and Ryan's house, giving him the relief that he won't be spending winter time alone on the streets.Chad looks around, but he doesn’t see any other cars in the parking lot besides the one he knows to be Jason’s, so he figures Ryan must be waiting for someone to come pick him up.“Hey, Evans! Chad goes to New York and after getting drunk, he calls Kelsi, the only friend he has left.After being kicked out of his house, Chad had nowhere to go.She is best friends with Taylor Mc Kessie, Gabriella Montez, and Martha Cox.

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They even decide to add another member to their family.---------------- Yah girl still sucks at summaries, but like CHAD IS SO SOFT IN THIS PLEASE READ IT, I LOVE SOFT CHAD.Anyway, this is gay and fluffy and you are very welcome.Suspicions as to whom the murderer might be arise, as Sharpay Evans is said to have a cult of followers who attract multiple enemies.Chad needs to ask him to prom, if he wants any chance of actually getting a 'yes', he NEEDED to ask him now.Mais Chad vient lui aussi vivre à New York et a besoin d'un endroit où dormir pour quelques jours.

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