Who is max schneider dating 2016

While Percario checks his hair, Schneider throws on his vest and checks the lighting for approximately the 93rd time.

Then he jogs over to the stereo to restart the track on his i Phone, and they start shooting.

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As she enters an abandoned-looking building in an industrial neighborhood of downtown LA, Kayla has no idea what's waiting for her upstairs.(When you've arranged, recorded, produced, written, directed, edited, and mixed more than 300 songs and videos, you tend to forget a few things.) Schneider hunches over his Yamaha keyboard, boxers sticking out the back of his jeans; after a minute of banging around, the muscle memory kicks in, and the part comes back. He slips on his shoes, runs his hands through his messy hair, and jumps in his car to head to tonight's shoot.Over the next several hours, Schneider will direct, produce, and perform in a music video for a cover of the song "Roses" by the Chainsmokers.He does popular songs, old songs, more and more original songs.Even when he does branded videos, he finds cool ways to integrate the product—forget just driving in a Buick, he's going to make every sound in the video a Buick.Like, 7 million subscribers and more than a billion views famous.

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