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-- Surgleal instruments, apothecarries vials andjetties, window glass, linseed eil, castor oil, spiritstuftentfne,alcohol, white lead and colored paints,, etc.

Perret, Malre, to MU acwrwo mrnai watchxb:in rawkit of every description; Soldi Silver and Bteel mcricui, to suit any sight•race.'- ■rum tin. Convasea, late of Converse A LOCKSrate Medals atthe World's Fair; New American Safee that were London World's fair. Former pupils of this Instution msy be found Inmost of the Banks and large Houses of this citv. It Is always safe to corns here, except when fel-low ferer prevails as an epidemic, wbich msy belesrned always from the city papers. Capital Stock—*500,000.j Aosirrs or thb board or nxx axd kamsx esnaa-WRITERS or r HI LA DELPHI A-1 Particular attention given to the collection ofj Notes and Drafts throughout ths Sooth aad South-; west. ANDERSON)ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Houston, texas./"OFFICE on Main street, justabovc the old Presi-V/ dent's House. It is the interest as well as Jths duty of all persons identified with the South :o ;sustain its instit tions of Learning, snd educatetheir children ia tbem. Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Cal-ifornia, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland. It depends ertirely on itc own merits for support ,snd while many institutions in the South, liberally jendowed by the State, have utterly failed, this has {continued to increaa*. Help us make history while supporting learners across Texas!

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