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When communicating audibly, of course, there is a great variety of meanings that can be implied by laughter itself, and still more that can be implied by laughing and instead stating "haha".

She's a client and we know each other for past 10 days. There is no solid, objective, universal distinction made between these options.

LOL is perhaps the most ubiquitous of these acronyms.English just has no way to express intonation in its writing system.You just have to hope that between context and your relationship with the listener, your intent is clear. I'm assuming you're not laughing at someone else's pain, but you are trying to show sympathy in a lighthearted way. I was pissed off; my boss flooded my inbox with loads of work. are considered "offensive" – but they are inappropriate.Okay, so I just realised that I didn't answer the question, which is 'Haha' over 'lol' -Do natives consider 'hahaha' as an offensive gesture?

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