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I can't believe anyone would look at these two videos and think this is the same person.408680Here are a few examples of her fingers/fingernails melting into her skin because of the face smoothing filter.

Another giveaway is that the video is only in 720p, which is the highest resolution she's ever uploaded a video in, despite posting much higher-res photos and the fact that every single smartphone has 1080p video capability nowadays.

326814Instagram: https:// Personal website: fan page: Inactive Accounts -LINE: recently made a guest appearance on the Japanese talk show 有吉反省会 (Ariyoshi Hanseikai), looking nearly as awful as she did in the FITs commercials.

Japanese Twitter and Girls Channel rip her a new one as a result.

Short focal lengths distort the face, making it look narrower while making features look larger, like pic related.

She's also used the freeze mask and face tracking tools in AE to distort her chin and eyes, and possibly her lips.

But imagine if she started doing her makeup and shopping to look like one instead of a doll.

Big, fake lips, thick eyebrows…the thought makes me shudder.411305With her awkwardly protruding cheekbones leading down to chub-induced jowls where she pretends she has a small jaw, and her inability to know that natural makeup does not suit her, she looks like a haggard middle aged woman.

It could just be a leftover piece of the "brush" she was painting with, which is the area including the border of her chin, and she would be clicking in different places with the same chin outline "brush," essentially.410835She's a loooong way from being a typical-looking instagram thot.I forgot to mention in my previous comment that she also definitely used a skin smoothing filter in AE…you can see whenever she touches her face that some of the blur spreads onto her nails.She's also probably squashed the video vertically to make her head look so much shorter, which only works because it's so close up.While most people understand that you can easily edit photos on your phone, the majority have never even dabbled in video and are clueless about it.I still hear people say things like "you can't photoshop video" when that couldn't be farther from the truth.408780Absolutely, though her bangs do look way better in the video than in that screenshot, editing aside.The first is an Australian model in Japan who goes by Keirashley on Twitter.

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