Validating e mail addresses


Spammers use tricks to check which e-mail addresses are active: one is the unsubscribe trick. Another trick is to embed link to an image in a html encoded e-mail. 0x800ccc79' I would like to do something like Outlook, before I send the email I would like to validate all the addresses. But to validate the user name you'll have to send an email and see if it comes back (that's why spammers encourage you to respond, if only to "un-subscribe", so they can tell if the address is valid) Olivier My problem is this : When I send an email to a list of addresses, some Servers send the mail to the valid email addresses and the invalid addresses return to me a report with something like "Failed 5.1.1 (bad destination mailbox address" But some Servers detect an invalid address and doesnt send anything to anybody, and doesnt return to me a report with the fail. When I send an email with Outlook, I dont know how but before send the email send me an error with something like "The message couldnt be sent because the Server reject one of the recipients", "550.5.1.1 Unknown or illegal alias: [email protected]", 'Error No.Some of the extensions actually include a specific custom JSF tag for things like email validation.I went to a website about a month ago which appeared to want to make sure I was part of the academic community.Presumably the site complains if the two fields don't contain the same data. I would suggest just not validating e-mail addresses.

So you need to decide how you want to handle those. But one of my technical issues is that jsf seemingly doesn;t recognize Regexp as a validator class. But it seems clear that this validation is beyond whatever built-in facilities JSF has.

But even 5 minutes after that, the e-mail address may be invalid!

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Presumably the site complains if the two fields don't contain the same data.

Okay but we don't want people to register from just anywahere, like with yahoo or gmail accounts.

They have to be from the research community, hence we restrict email addresses to only net, edu or com.

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