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This section will help you understand the challenges individual desktop users may face to cope up with changing technologies, hardware and software requirements.

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Now imagine if the hardware crashes for a desktop machine, then that unfortunate employee has to go to Support IT team of his/her organization and report the problem.This problem arose at the first place because a local desktop machine was being used for performing some sensitive work.In this scenario, Productivity is affected and Loss of sensitive data is high.He may not need to use Office 2016 every day and after clearing all stages of the Call of duty game, he may want to get rid of it.So the additional investment done on this machine to run these modern software, will not be recoverable in this scenario and it may not get utilized to its fullest capacity. To overcome these challenges faced in corporate and domestic scenarios, companies like Microsoft offering cloud computing for Enterprise Web Applications came up with the concept of Desktop as a Service (Daa S) commonly known as Desktop Virtualization.The IT team will then need to provide a new desktop machine.

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