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It doesn't matter what folder you extract it to, just make sure you keep all the related files with the ATi file.1) First you should put your BIOS file that you downloaded earlier into the same folder where you just extracted your flashing tool.

Then right click on and run it as an administrator.

To prevent damage to the graphics card or other system components, obtain specific instructions for installing the graphics hardware from the graphics card manufacturer or system manufacturer.

After making the required change in the system BIOS, the onboard graphics must be disabled in the Windows Device Manager to prepare the system for the installation of the graphics card.

Due to a digital signature requirement on latest AMD cards, RBE is no longer in active development and will not support the latest graphics cards. The latest version is available in the downloads section.

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After you download it, you'll need to extract it into it's own folder.You'll need to choose a BIOS from this list that is the most up to date version for your card.The easiest way to do this is to scroll towards the bottom and work your way up until you see your model name/number.To proceed please follow the steps below:: If the system fails to boot, turn off the system and install the graphics card into another PCI slot.Should the problem persist, check with the system/motherboard manufacturer for an updated system BIOS to resolve the compatibility issue.Just use your common sense and flash your BIOS with this easy to use tool.

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