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Refer to workshop manual (Section 501-00) ad wiring diagram manual (Section 92) for additional information.NOTE: Installation of the supplemental parking lamps violates Canadian vehicle lighting laws 1W4Z 2200 AA KIT BRAKE SHOE AND LINING - REAR XW4Z 6731 BA FILTER ASSY - OIL 3.9L (M/C # FL2008) XW4Z 8620 AB BELT DRIVE - 3.9L (M/C # JK61056) XU5Z 9030 JA CAP ASSY - FUEL TANK (M/C # FC961) XW4Z 9601 AC AIR FILTER ELEMENT - 3.9L (M/C # FA1679) 1W6Z 13008 AA HEADLAMP ASSY RH 1W6Z 13008 AB HEADLAMP ASSY LH 1W6Z 17526 AA ARM ASSY - WIPER PASSENGER 1W6Z 17527 AA ARM ASSY -DRIVER YF1Z 17528 AA BLADE ASSY WIPER - LH (M/C # WW2416) 1L2Z 17528 AB BLADE ASSY WIPER - RH (M/C # WW2217) 1W6Z 18124 BA SHOCK ASSY - FRONT (M/C # 585) 1W6Z 18125 BA SHOCK ASSY - REAR (M/C # 586) 1W4Z 2A442 AA HOSE-REAR WHEEL BRAKE - RH 1W4Z 2A442 BA HOSE-REAR WHEEL BRAKE - LH AGSP 32F SM SPARK PLUG 3.9L FYI: Ford Parts numbers: In the Ford service part number you will usually find a prefix, base and suffix.Other than those modifications, the aircraft are taken from the standard USAF inventory as production fighters, and can be returned to an operational squadron in short order without any major modification.During the switch to the F-16A the Thunderbirds acquired new block 15 aircraft which they operated from 1983 to 1991, making the team one of the last USAF units flying the older F-16A's before transitioning into new C's.In January 1982, 4 members of the squadron were killed in what became known as the "Diamond Crash" of T-38 Talon aircraft which the squadron had flown since 1974.Partially as a result of that accident, the squadron switched to the F-16A, and sat out the 1982 airshow season and spent that year retraining and transitioning over to the new aircraft to ready themselves for the 1983 season.

Some mechanical / electrical parts may also be used on the Lincoln LS of that period.At their retirement, they were some of the oldest operational F-16s in the Air Force.In the 2009 show season the Thunderbirds transitioned to an updated version of the F-16 fighter.)To install, First remove the front fascia and remove the existing wire harness at C133.Install the new wire harness, remove the lamp opening insterts from the front fascia,and install the new lamp assemblies. Verify tha Fuse 1.03 is installed in the underhood fuse panel.On 1 March 2013, the USAF announced that due to budget cuts, aerial demonstration team performances would cease indefinitely, effective 1 April 2013.

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