Teen dating lesson plans

"No Apologies: The Truth About Life, Love & Sex" August, 1999, Young Adult Teens get the facts about sex in No Apologies: The Truth about Life, Love and Sex , an exciting book that highlights abstinence as the only true safe sex.

The groups should create a message that is directed to a teen audience.

Students will learn how this talk is different from the "parent talk." "Sexual Pressures" (PSA Campaign) Working in small groups, students can develop a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign addressing teen sex issues.

These PSAs should focus on the emotional impact of sex and the peer pressures and temptations kids face.

It provides information about contraceptives, as well as offering ideas for discussion and curriculum for educators and parents.

It also includes an appendix for those seeking additional information on birth control.

This assignment particularly looks at how issues such as personal behavior and emotions are addressed.

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