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Sodium ascorbate: Needed for the body to produce collagen, necessary for muscles, skin, bones and cartilage. Beta Carotene: Orange or yellow plant pigment, which in the body is converted to vitamin A. British Nutrition Foundation scientist Sara Stanner says the shakes - powdered and canned - are nutritionally sound.

'They do contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals in reasonable amounts for one meal,' she says.

Flavouring: Impossible to tell from ingredients on packet if flavouring is natural or artificial.

Vitamin and mineral mixture: Contains 23 added vitamins and minerals.

It will carry fat-soluble vitamins and is a source of polyunsaturated fat. Stacey (1965), "Inequity in social exchange", in Berkowitz, Leonard (Ed), Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 21,485-489. 'If you are doing lots of exercise you may find this provides too few calories, and you might want to add low-fat snacks to bridge the gap.But 1,200 calories a day is fine if you are overweight and moderately active.Two Slim-Fasts a day and an evening meal should provide 1,200 calories, say the makers. Nutrition technologist Angela Newbury looked at ready-to-drink Slim-Fast.

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