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In addition Sellers daughter was married to a son of John W. Lee and many other Confederate officers in the War with Mexico as a Quartermaster and was familiar with them. Norton, a grandson of William Norton that married the widow Miller. It turns out these two were in the same vicinity of Richmond during the Civil War for 10 months in 1864-1865. Norton and his three sons joined up in August of 1861 and were immediately shipped to The Army of Northern Virginia. In addition John W Norton had served with Robert E.

John and his sons were defending Richmond during the seige of 1864-1865.

1738 New Kent, Virginia 1787, Bourbon, Kentucky) m 2nd Mary Emmerson abt.1752 children: -- Thomas Norton b.1753 Fluvanna, VA -- William Norton b. Oct 28, 1758 Fluvanna, VA (proably died young)John Norton ( son of Christopher and Anne) b. Mary 9unknown children: --- Sarah Norton b.1758 --- John Norton b. I don’t doubt it is in the libraries as England fitted out the vessel expressly for the capture of the noted pirate, the event would no doubt be on record.

His grandfather was John Norton son of a retired British Naval officer who had settled in Virginia before the Revolution, and gave five sons to the Continental army.

Also to John Norton we have assigned 2 additional children, Thomas Norden b.1765 of SC and later Alabama and an unknown son b.1762 that would have died on a prison ship in Charleston Harbor, SC during the REvolutionary War. There was one noted pirate that did such havoc to the merchant vessels that England fitted out a vessel expressly to capture him.

Simple Pedigree for the Norton/Norden family of Fluvanna, VA DNA research and our first Norton (or Norden) DNA results The Reverend Robert Norden Photo Essay of the descendants of Christopher Norden/Norton Robert Norden, Rev My grandfather Norton was on the English vessel that followed the pirate five years and finally came on it in a heavy fog in speaking distance. The pirates had two vessels - one very small and tams - the idea was with the English that they would cripple the small vessel first. They then attacked the other vessel and had a hard fight with them - finally overpowered them and took them to England.

Grandfather Norton lived to be old and died in Virginia.

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