Sony tv guide not updating


While Vizio still uses confusing terminology to describe the refresh rate of their TVs, the numbers are easier to translate now than they used to be.Like Samsung, their "Effective Refresh Rate" (which used to be called SPS) is simply double the amount of their real refresh rate.For example, a refresh rate of 120 Hz would be "TM240".Much like Sony, LG's recently started to share the actual refresh rate of their TVs in parentheses next to the Tru Motion value, which is nice.

Samsung's Motion Rate (previously Clear Motion Rate) is pretty straightforward nowadays.We tested all the top rated 4k TVs available for sale.Below you will find a list of the best rated models we’ve examined as well as detailed Reviews of most of them and where they’re available at the most affordable possible prices!The number is almost entirely arbitrary and doesn't mean much. Unlike most other manufacturers, there isn't an easy division you can do, but generally, 240 means 60hz, and anything above that means 120hz.Sony is arguably the worst offender for inflating their refresh rate numbers nowadays, but they've at least started to share the real refresh rate next to their "Motionflow XR" marketing numbers. The name itself is almost the same as what they use for their soap opera effect feature, which is called Motion Flow (without the XR).In other words you should check back regularly to see how we’ve updated our rankings of models based on new releases and reviews.

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