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By varying the amounts of acoustical resistance encountered at the rear openings, Bauer was able to achieve cardioid, supercardioid, or hypercardioid patterns using a single element, and the first true unidirectional dynamic microphone became reality. The Unidyne model 55 became an instant hit in the audio field.The Unidyne set a new standard of high quality audio pickup combined with discrimination against unwanted sounds.While still in production today, the infatuation with owning a piece of history drives collectors to collect the older models, and restore them to operable condition when possible. Topics will include history, classification, restoration/refurbishment and just plain enjoyment.

The Shure 55 also came in at a much lower price-point than previous directional mikes.These designs gave birth to the famous Shure ball-top SM58 model that is one of the most used vocal mikes on stage in the world.Much of the information in this article came from the Shure publication The Unidyne Story which can be downloaded from Stan Coutant's Microphone website in PDF format..For all systems, proof of purchase also includes sales receipt for all receivers and transmitters.Sender is solely responsible for all shipment costs and all losses during shipment.One of those that has become an icon is the Shure model 55 series of mikes. The year 1937 was a turning point when a young engineer named Benjamin Baumzweiger (who later changed his name to Bauer) began developing his idea for a unidirectional microphone using a single dynamic element.

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