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It will help teen survivors to build their sense of self and identity, and to process how their traumatic experience affects their sense of identity.

Participants will focus on: challenging negative thoughts about themselves, remembering their passions and strengths, and developing positive affirmations.

All group members must be receiving individual therapy or case management services while in the group.

All members will meet with a Sexual Assault Center group facilitator before group begins.

This is a psycho educational group appropriate for caregivers of alleged victims of sexual abuse.

The group creates a safe for caregivers to identify and express their feelings regarding their child’s abuse.

Parents should expect an increase of knowledge about sexual abuse and how it affects the victim and their families.

This is a six week group for teens who are coping with experiences of sexual assault, sexual violence or sexual abuse to successfully manage difficult feelings and symptoms.

Please call the Sexual Assault Hotline at 703.683.7273 for more information or to register for a group.

Incidents of sexual harassment may cause the target to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or threatened.

Employers and school district officials are legally responsible to guarantee a safe environment which is free from sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

The services of the Sexual Assault Center are available to the significant others of an assault survivor.

Contact the Sexual Assault Center hotline at: 703.683.7273.

This is an eight-week group for survivors who have been sexually assaulted as adults.

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