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The population of the entire district reached some 5,000 around 1750 when the Apache attacked the other native towns around the missions.

In 1909, Díaz and William Howard Taft planned a summit in Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, a historic first meeting between a Mexican and a U. In May 1911, about 3,000 revolutionary fighters under the leadership of Francisco Madero laid siege to Ciudad Juárez, which was garrisoned by 500 regular Federal troops under the command of General Juan J Navarro.

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Such settlements were not part of the town at that time; as the military set up its buildings the town grew around it. From that time until around 1930 populations on both sides of the border could move freely across it. During the French intervention in Mexico (1862–1867), Paso del Norte served as a temporary stop for Benito Juárez's republican forces until he established his government-in-exile in Chihuahua.

Ciudad Juárez and El Paso are one of the 14 pairs of cross-border town naming along the Mexico–U. After 1882 the city grew with the arrival of the Mexican Central Railway.

In 1680 during the Pueblo Revolt, some members of the Tigua branch of the Pueblo became refugees from the conflict and a Mission was established for them in Ysleta del Paso del Norte.

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