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Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said that her advocacy for Boeing’s jet deal was “the job that every Secretary of State is supposed to do and what the American people expect of them — especially during difficult economic times.

She proudly and loudly advocated on behalf of American business and took every opportunity to promote U. commercial interests abroad.” Boeing spokesman Sean Mc Cormack said that the company sees its cooperation with the government to encourage exports and create jobs as a “mutual institutional interest, versus a personal one.” As for Boeing’s support for the expo pavilion and its donation to the Clinton Foundation, Mc Cormack said that the company’s corporate giving, in the United States and abroad, is intended to serve the interests of both the company and the regions where it does business, and that it is “carefully vetted to ensure that it is appropriate and compliant with law.” A Clinton Foundation official said that Boeing was one of numerous large corporations to contribute after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti and that the grant had no connection to Boeing’s interactions with the State Department.

How the decision was made to raise the cap remains a mystery, at least in public.

The 2008 economic crash made companies less than willing to participate; moreover, many had also signed up as sponsors of the Beijing Olympics and were not eager to give for another, similar event.In 2010, two months after Boeing won its .7 billion Russia deal, the company announced a 0,000 contribution to the William J.Clinton Foundation intended to rebuild schools in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.S.-Russian relations as part of a diplomatic “reset” announced in the spring of 2009.Three days after Clinton’s remarks in Moscow, according to State Department cables released by the anti-secrecy group Wiki­Leaks, Boeing formally submitted its bid for the Russian deal. By all accounts, the American effort was already in trouble when Clinton took office in early 2009, with corporate fundraising faltering and the Chinese warning that meager U. participation would be viewed as a diplomatic affront.Said one former official: “Things were done for the pavilion that were not done in any other instance for fundraising purposes.” The former official said a series of internal memos were written in 20 that laid out the reasoning behind the Boeing decisions.

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