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We have been able to help a lot of girls, a lot of women.” With such a heavy burden on her shoulders, Margaret still, somehow, manages to have hope for the future.The Uzima programme has been working to help her with the land issue and has provided counselling for her and the two boys. I have very high hopes for life.” All through Lent, Trócaire has been running its ‘Fight for Justice’ campaign.

But for Margaret, this is particularly damaging to her health as her HIV medication requires she eat regular meals.They use Facebook and Whatsapp to alert volunteers when a woman is being assaulted so they can address it as a group.“We’ve identified women who have big hearts, and even in their small home, they will spread a blanket down to rescue someone.His parents have died and there is land for him to claim, but without an ID card, which is required in Kenya in order to own land, he cannot.Much as she tries, Margaret said she has not been able to convince him to apply for this card, which would allow their family to leave the slum and try to make a living growing crops.“All the time he beats me.” Margaret’s husband is also HIV positive, but has refused to accept it.

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