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A shirtless pic of the man made her grind against her bed and get a rush of arousal as she swiped right, then saw it was a match.Immediately, she messaged him."So what are you doing tonight? Maybe my friends are out of town, you seem like the lonely one," she replied."Easy there, I mess around with people, so you're not going out either, we're both bored," he said."Hi I am not bored!She texted him the location and then waited as over twenty minutes passed.In her mind, she was starting to get impatient, knowing he basically lived in the same part of the city.You already took long enough," she said, letting the man in as he smacked her on the ass and then grabbed her buttocks."Whoa already, huh," she said, looking back at him smiling as she pushed his hand away.One man looked like Ryan Gosling, no doubt good looking but not exactly her type.

She didn't want to embarrass herself too much by putting up a pic of her in panties, so she sent him a face pic."Only a face pic?

Already approaching her late twenties, she made great money and on top of that, had the sexy looks.

Bella stood at five-eight, had tanned skin, brown hair, brown eyes, and looked exactly like Allison Stokke.

Immediately, he grabbed her and started to kiss her on the neck, the strong odor of her musk arousing him.

"Not even going to ask me how my day was," she said, feeling a rush of arousal as she started kissing him on the neck.

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