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A total of 400 older adults, living as ‘self-reliant’ (n = 154), ‘home care service user’ (n = 97), or ‘in nursing home’ (n = 149), and with the legal status ‘without guardian’ (n = 355) or ‘with guardian’ (n = 45) were included (mean age 81.8 ± 7.4 years, 78.5% female).

Any type of CAM used 61.3% of respondents (dietary supplements 35.5%, herbal medicines 33.3%, and external preparations 26.8%); 3.0% used drug-interaction causing preparations.

The study protocol was approved by the ethics committee of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (EA1/243/09, 2009-11--12-16).

Older adults at least 70 years of age living in the states of Berlin (entire city) and Brandenburg (rural northeast, i.e., districts around Berlin including Oberhavel, Barnim, Uckermark and Märkisch-Oderland) were approached through care service providers, nursing homes, community clubs of older adults, or directly through the distribution of questionnaires in mailboxes of senior residential facilities (Berlin only).

More than half (57.9%) stated that they could neither assess whether their CAM preparations have side effects, nor assess what the side effects might be.

Strongest predictors for CAM use were two treatment preferences (vs.

Usage was based on recommendations (total 30.3%; in 20.0% by friends or family and 10.4% by pharmacists), own initiative (27.3%), and doctors’ prescription (25.8%).

Participants with legal guardian took almost solely prescribed dietary supplements.

‘private’, 3.57, 0.0356); against CAM use two subjective assessments predicted (vs.Of the others, only half (58.7%) informed their general practitioner (GP) of their CAM use.Participants expected significant (44.9%) or moderate (37.1%) improvement; half of them perceived a good effect (58.7%) and two-thirds (64.9%) generally preferred a combination of CAM and conventional medicine.Many herbal drugs and products interactions and side effects are well known, e.g. Our survey solicited information regarding which form(s) of CAM is used and how its use is subjectively assessed, as well as medical context information.We asked for all natural products, drugs and therapies that were taken for treatment or prevention of diseases, this included not only drugs but also medically applied herbal teas and juices.Updates every 60 seconds between 7am & 5pm (mountain time). Updates every 60 seconds between 7am & 5pm (mountain time).

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