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First Met used to be known as AYI.com, which stands for ‘Are You Interested? First Met’s user base is extremely large at over 30 million total users who have been registered on the website.In addition, First Met’s Facebook page has over 3 million ‘fans’ on the popular social networking website.Between social media, the website, and the mobile application is available on a wide variety of platforms making it easy for the average user to access this particular dating website.You don’t have to be on a laptop or on a desktop in order to use First Met making it an asset to those users who are often on the go and sometimes only have access to a smartphone or a tablet device.It’s important to note that these pictures should be appropriate for public consumption and should be only of yourself and not your pets, family members, or your friends instead.More than most dating websites, you can upload up to ten different pictures to the First Met website and your personal profile.With the ‘search’ feature, you can choose a specific criterion as to which preferences you should base your search around.

The ability to ‘search’ for different profiles and view them to see if you may be interested in the individual user is a valuable feature to First Met and is a key part of your membership.

In a different but notable section, you can discuss your ‘Interests’, where you can give details regarding your hobbies and what you like to do in your free time.

These ‘interests’ can include your thoughts about ‘music, movies, television shows, sports, books, other activities, and your Facebook likes’ if you choose to connect your Facebook account to your First account.

Luckily, it doesn’t take too long to get started with First Met in terms of registering or signing up for this website.

Because First Met is tied in so closely to mobile applications and social media, this gives you more options when it comes to your registration as a new member.

Your personal activities should be of interest to those members who are curious enough to view your profile.

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