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Some would, some wouldn’t depending on just how jealous they are by nature and whether or not they’ve ever done it themselves. Many women do consider phone sex to be cheating, whether it’s with a friend or with a remote phone sex operator.The reason for this comes down to the way men and women approach sex in general.It all begins with the idea of having direct communication with another person, who like you, is interested in meeting and talking with others who share the same likes and dislikes, passions and fantasies.Using Chat City Australia, you not only get to speak to people from your area but also from TAS, SA, NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, WA and NT.If someone feels the need for a change of sexual scenery, maybe they’ve only been with one partner their whole life or maybe they are used to having a different partner every night and now they’ve been stuck with the same one for years.That person looking for release away from home might just get it on the phone.

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