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We are talking didn't eat just good time and conversation.Well she's showing me a video on her phone about something and boom snap chat w one of her exs told her I didn't want her talking to popped up.

I got a new position and for the last 30 days we saw each other prob about 3 or 4 x as this was expected and talked about.

The most beautiful lovely spouse but just seems like she doesn't want to open up you in that way??

So I've been critical in the sense of wanting the basics sex 2-3 x a week, lick the Pom Pom, have myself Sucked on, and different positions but seems like it just hasn't taken off.

If so, you may have already done too much damage, that is difficult to come back from and may need MC YOu could get IC if this is a problem for you.

Do not confront anymore till you have the smoking gun, be patient. Some guys would kill to be in your shoes, find a smoking gun and have a legit reason to divorce and find someone new that desires them and wants to **** them 24/7/365. Time to collect enough undeniable evidence of impending or on going affair.

Nude pics to OM is to my mind cheating already (I don't know what others think), texting other men, etc also crossing boundaries 5. She does not send headless nude pics to OM on snap chat.

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