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According to an October poll by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal, this public reckoning has changed the way both men and women view these issues — nearly half of the women surveyed said they felt more encouraged to speak out about their own experiences.

While he welcomes the heightened cultural dialogue around these issues, Boscaljon is “incredibly pessimistic” about the Me Too momentum prompting long-term change.“I have numerous friends who have been harassed, sexually assaulted and raped.” Despite increased awareness of sexual assault in the wake of #Me Too, Bussel says she’s become less trusting of men: “I have had some pretty scary experiences with men in college … Chan, a sex educator in Toronto, shares Bussel’s hope, saying: “To move forward we need conversations in which men say, ‘I wonder what I’ve done in my life that may have put someone in danger.’ I want to recruit men to be part of the change.”Bussel believes said change will require men in positions of power (such as “actors, rappers and athletes that younger men look up to”) to start speaking up for high school and college-age men to start truly getting it.and I have been coerced and pressured numerous times.”But with a renewed personal dedication to activism, Bussel is hopeful about the future, provided that men — on-campus and off — start involving themselves more tenaciously in these conversations. Currently dating after his marriage ended three years ago, Daniel Boscaljon says he’s long considered respect to be the crux of his relationships: “Women would look at me strangely because I would be very communicative each step of the way, asking for permission for any kiss or touch: ’Is it OK if I hold your hand? ’”Living in a college town among friends who tend to share his views, Boscaljon, a humanities instructor in the Iowa City area, admits he’s rather insulated.She remembers one man who communicated about consent in a way that felt especially healthy.The first time they slept together, “he took off his belt and went to put it around my hands, but first he asked, ‘Is this OK?There's no feel-good example anywhere of what authentic, loving, caring, dating situations should even be like.”Melanie Breault, who lives in Brooklyn, is currently dating a few men and doesn’t consider herself completely heterosexual.

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