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Police do not appear to know how it came to harm the couple in Amesbury.

Forensic investigators, wearing protective suits, emerge with bagged evidence from the rear of John Baker House in Salisbury, after it was confirmed that two people living in Amesbury had been poisoned with the nerve-agent Novichok.

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Though the Soviet Union had been developing it for some time, it didn’t become known for as long as a decade after it was actually available, because it had been kept entirely secret.As far as is known, the nerve agent has stayed in Russia since it was developed, which is what gives the Government such confidence that the country either used the poison itself or has lost control of it.But the Prime Minister did not speculate on the people or group behind the attack, or how it could have been carried out.That new potency meant that it was by some way the most powerful nerve agent in the world, and it continues to be thought one of the most deadly weapons available.It can only be produced by highly specialised scientists, according to the researcher who helped develop it, and can only be used with intense supervision.It wasn’t clear how much of it the Soviet Union actually developed, though Mr Mirzayanov said Novichok was developed in much smaller amounts, meaning there might only be enough to kill several hundreds of thousands of people.

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