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He basically saw her living off him for the rest of his life.

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I left and we texted and talked for awhile and she decided that my friend wasnt going to give her any time so me and her should get together.Over time he would mention her, saying he would get a random email from her once and awhile.About two years later, he called me and told me that she wanted to try again with him. She said to him that she would do anything to make it work and she would even fuck me again if that's what he wanted.She eventually stopped talking to Sean and wanted to get back with my friend. We went into the bedroom where I got her naked and we made out.I fucked her and pulled out and I came all over her stomach.Some guy on the net was pretending to be this Sean guy, he got a few pics of a good looking guy and had convinced her that he was real. She gave my friend access to her email account and we read hundreds of emails between the two of them.

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