Lost contact updating iphone


Most users will never experience the missing contacts bug, but it can be disconcerting if encountered.

This missing contacts bug is not subtle and seems to happen at random, with the Phone app losing the “Favorites” and “Contacts” tabs, as well as the Phone app losing all identifying contact information for existing phone numbers, making every phone number in the recents list appear as unrecognized with no attached contact name, picture, or any other details.

If you delete the contact from your phone, it doesn’t affect the data on your other devices.Cloud servers are great and we use them for two main reasons:1. Update a contact on your i Phone, it’s updated on your computer.Delete an email on your computer, it’s deleted from your i Phone.2. Meet a new person, add them to your phone, and drop your phone in the toilet later that day? (At least about the contact.) Its home is on a cloud server, so if you have to get new phone, it’ll come right back when you set it up.For any instance where the missing i Phone contacts bug is encountered, the above steps alone should fix the problem.This is because it is rare that the i Phone contacts are actually gone, it’s just that a bug has prevented them from showing up, and the associations from i Cloud need to be intact and the phone rebooted to get things to show properly again.Since we all use multiple devices nowadays, it makes sense that if I add a contact on my computer, I want it to show up on my i Phone and tablet, and if I add a calendar event on my phone, I wanted to show up on my computer.

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