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We didn’t realize that during the movie it had rained outside.

But the wet streets added to our carefree romantic mood.

Chapter 1It was after a couple of years that my wife Jyoti and me finally saw a film in a cinema hall.

I hardly get time from my busy work schedule and prefer to watch movies on television.

We were holding each other hand’s as we walked , feeling so much of love for each other. We had been married for 13 years, yet we were so much in love with each other, as if we were newly weds.

“I love you Ajit” said my wife in dreamy romantic voice.“oh my baby, I love u so much” came my reply. Even holding hands or keeping our arms around each other, is quite demonstrative by our standard.

We had even stopped holding each others hands, as we had early itself seen these guys walking on the street. The guys seemed more emboldened by the emptiness of the road. I knew there was no way out, and I had to confront them.“Whats your problem” I asked angrily. We will report you all to the police“But my words didn’t have the desired effect, rather it spurred them on. I began to throw punshes at them, but was quickly subdued by another punch and a kick.

But after this evening, I realized it was these small pleasures in life which I was missing. We began with a stroll in a public garden, filming each other on our video camera – to preserve the nice moments for posterity.

We followed it up by a nice dinner and then saw the Hindi movie ‘Black’.

The streets were known to us pretty well, but it was empty unlike daytime, when its noisy and crowded.

Our house must have been still a kilometre away when we saw this bunch of 3-4 guys walking towards us .

I proposed marriage to her and she very shyly had said yes. Infact at times , because everything went off without any hitch, it almost felt like arrange marriage. But walking down the street it still felt as good and romantic like it was 13 years ago.

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