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As Tarasevicius explains: “The decision by Arturas to open his own theatre company was dictated by the desire to be able to independently create the work he wants himself, without being hired and told what and how to do it.” Original funding for the production and for its Edinburgh outing came from the Lithuanian Council for Culture, which provides two rounds of funding a year – essentially, all artists in the country depend on it.

But we decided instead to please the audience that understands this type of theatre and would appreciate us doing it in our own language, understanding why we’re doing that.” The company was founded in November 2014 by Areima, who has a reputation in Lithuania as one of this generation’s emerging young artists.It has sold out since, being performed once or twice a month in rep.“I’ve come to Edinburgh for four fringes,” says producer Donatas Tarasevicius.And that’s exactly what I want from Edinburgh.” Also taking up an August residence at Summerhall for the first time is Under Ice, one of five shows from Lithuania at Edinburgh this year.Produced by the Arturo Areimos Teatras, in Vilnius, with Oskaro Korsunovo Teatras and Aurora Nova, the play is adapted by writer-director Arturas Areima from a play by German playwright Falk Richter.International shows with a serious theatre bent have tended to gravitate to Summerhall in the past few years.

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