Like dating libra woman


While dating a Libra, you don't have to worry about her clinging to you on a night out because she'll be too busy talking with your friends to worry about unnecessary PDA. They're naturally charismatic, classy and charming, all characteristics Mom is a sucker for.She'll be able to hold a conversation with your parents without being awkward or shy.Once Libra has reeled you in (and you be reeled in!

The Aries woman is a strong and independent woman who makes her own way in the world.

Or the person you find yourself telling your whole life story to, even though you've only met her hours or even minutes ago? Libras are the quintessential best friends, and therefore, they are some of the best people to date.

Here are 10 reasons why you should date a Libra woman: First dates are almost always awkward, but not with a Libra. You won't find yourself with uncomfortable pauses, trying to think of an interesting question to ask your date because your Libra will automatically make you feel comfortable, and conversation will just flow.

The scales are the symbol for Libran women, so it's only fitting that these charming ladies of the zodiac have two distinct sides to their personality. Venus bestows the gift of charm, tact and flirtatiousness to Libra in spades, and Libra knows how to wield these gifts to her greatest advantage. Libra can tactfully suggest a better color for you, one that makes your eyes shine just so. Let Libra smooth the situation with her trademark diplomacy.

In fact, both can show up in a flash, and, in true Libran fashion, it's usually at the same time! Few can resist the charms of this Venus ruled lady. Even so, it can come as a big surprise when Libra begins dictating the correct way to hang a painting, how to go about negotiating a contract, and tells you, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she thinks about your friends! Mostly it's because of her good heart and sincere desire to help.

The Aries woman can be quite a tough nut, and her temper will tear her Libra man to shreds at times.

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