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I tested the camera in each mode to compare the video quality. Even though Ring can record in 1080p, the video quality looks closer to my low-end 720p cameras.

A comparison of the low and high-resolution setting: Normal Connection Footage (Lowest Resolution and the Default Live View Setting, Highest Battery Performance): Faster Connection (Balance Between Video Quality and Battery Life): Fastest Connection (Best Resolution, Worst Battery Life): Finally, even though the camera has a Spotlight, it still offers infrared night vision.

Ever wish you could get an up close and personal view of hummingbirds sipping nectar, or bees in a hive, or of your koi pond, or horse stall, or dog kennel or . The Hawk Eye’s weather-guard hood allows it to be mounted anywhere outside so where you use it is only limited by your imagination.

Our customers are using our • Mount your birdhouse or Hawk Eye wherever you want to watch.• Run the 100-foot plug-n-play cable inside the house.• Plug into the RCA (audio- and video-in) ports, then sit back and be amazed.

And, of course, don't forget to visit us at Face Book, and and wondered what was going on in there. Our Hawk Eye Nature Cam () lets you keep tabs on the goings-on not only inside your bird and squirrel boxes, but outside as well.

Instead, if you order Solar, you will get two boxes: one with a camera and one with a solar panel.To extend the life of the camera’s battery, Ring offers three different live view settings.While they don’t explicitly call out the resolution of each option, I assumed we would find a FHD option, HD option, and perhaps even something lower like 360p.The Spotlight Cam Solar Panel is unique to the Spotlight Cam.Though Ring sells other solar panels, like one that charges the Ring Stick Up Cam, the Spotlight Solar Panel only works with the Spotlight Cam.They are all weatherproof, offer night vision, and FHD video.

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