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Kira grabbed Trent and jumped aboard the Helicopter. O," said Kira."Where did you get the Helicopter," asked Trent?

"Well I needed something to do in my spare time, since I'm no longer making Ranger tech," said the Pilot."Hayley, it's get to see you," said Kira."It's great to see you, too," said Hayley."So, did you build this helicopter," asked Trent?

But being pulled through time, space, and across dimensions means adjusting to their new "team" isn't as easy as they had hoped.

To make things even more complicated, Zordon and Alpha 5 insist that they "bond" with the kids who are supposed to be the next set of Rangers. This is about all the time they spend together after a mission, or just meeting up for their usual chit-chat through the years.(A Grid Links one-shot post "Once a Ranger" up through SPD.) "It started with a child...."For many years the Power Rangers have been protectors of the earth, beloved and trusted by the public as they keep back the monsters and uphold what is right.

"No, I'd never do that, my friends just know loopholes," said Kira."Ok," said the Host, "Let's get on with another question.""So, what would you like to know," asked Kira?

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Kira and Trent were back to back when a helicopter flew in from above.She came across a pink box with a lock on it."This has to be it, I remember my dad put a lock on here when my mom caught me playing up here when I was five years old," said Kira to herself, "Now, were would dad of hid the key."Kira grabs the box and carries it out of the attic. She goes into her mom's room to search for the key. The crowd is cheering, as Kira's song is played, and Kira takes her seat on stage."After that, I'd say it's safe to say that this is the first of many hits coming your way," said the Host."I hope so," said Kira."I've heard that you played this song about four years ago," said the Host."That's right, I song it at my High School Prom," said Kira."So, what took you so long to record it," asked the Host?"Well, I would have released it sooner, but the producer that I tried to work with wouldn't let me do the song my way," said Kira."So you kicked him to the curb," asked the Host?Just after the start of the Morning News, the Host invites out the first guest."Here she is, fresh out of the studio, recording her first hit signal, Just A Little," said the Host, "Kira Ford!

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