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Benefits: practice fluency, incorporate content areas, highlight sight words, practice rhyming, analyze poem, reading with expression, phonics focus.

Basically each day I plan on having 2 components to the poem of the week lesson.

On Friday they will turn in their poetry race papers, and I (or maybe my teacher's assistant! :) They'll also take home one of these cute little awards!

) will tally up the results and announce the winner! Use them if you'd like to implement the poetry race, or just get blank ones!

i do not in retrospect recognize anyone that i saw there, or the people i was "with", but in the dream i was there with some aquaintances.

they did not speak a word during this dream, but i could sense their thoughts and feelings about things. anyways, this asian-looking girl was wandering by, and then she stopped and looked at me intently.

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i sensed the profoundity of her statement, but she was coy, like she had said this to people before and been mocked for it.

That person will get one of my stuffed animals that has a little poetry sash as a trophy to keep for the day. My only worries about it is what if the same student keeps winning each week?

Or what if a student doesn't have access to many adults at home?

We'd have to go over being safe and not going around their neighborhood to read to strangers.

Many of my students live in apartments and I could see this happening.

Anyway, with all that, I decide to sit here and post, while drinking coffee (and Bailey's today!! But good news: I have accomplished week 3 of bootcamp (been going 5 days a week for 1 hour). At the beginning of camp I couldn't lift a 17lb weight from floor to ceiling without using 2 hands, now I can use 1 hand and do it repeatedly! Hoping that school won't get too much in the way of my workout routine.

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