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Not to imply that he's farty--that's not true, and also I'm stealing a Korsism. (Keep in mind that bitchy does not equal asshole, especially when gay men are concerned.They should make a remake of and call it the Ex Korsist and have Michael Kors play the priest and say things like "She looks like her ass is in her front." (ACTUAL QUOTE, by the way, from Season 4. A healthy dose of good-natured bitchiness could catapult someone into the lead a la Christian Siriano).But we all know that after the rain, there comes a rainbow!More recently, Sebelia was named head designer of LA-based knitwear brand Fluxus, and last spring, he released an edgy, punk-inspired (what else?Gunn lovingly confronted Rice about the joke, and a new Project Runway catch phrase was born: what happened to Andrae?I really wanted to title this recap "A Blaffair to Rememblack" because I am excited for 30 Rock's season premiere next week and saying that cracks me up, but alas this episode has nothing to do with my favorite show or with Tracy Morgan (who, by the way, is Twittering and it is wonderful).Assholes will probably be kept around for a while for entertainment purposes, but mark my words: they never win.The only exception to this rule is the asshole with a powerful mitigating factor.

What this means: All of the assholes on this show are unrepentant and have no mitigating factors, so tells us nothing. Theory: Keep in mind that editors have a TON of footage to work with.

) childrenswear collection for the Season 5: Leanne Marshall Following her win on Season 5, Ms.

Marshall moved from Portland, Oregon to Brooklyn, where she currently has a design studio.

She returned to Houston soon after the finale, where she owns and operates a boutique called Lot 8 and an Season 3: Jeffrey Sebelia Cocky, neck-tattooed Jeffrey, who really, really loved his son but was portrayed as the meany of Season 3, impressed us all with his punk aesthetic and zipper add-ons.

Following his Season 3 win, the seemingly bummed-out designer admitted to movie.

Tim Gunn Scolds Team Luxe The most infamous fight of Project Runway was not the product of a high-stakes challenge but of Season 2 contestant Santino Rice’s imagination.

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