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Have you ever been to Israel, if yes then you will understand why it is the most beautiful place on earth, if not then still you can feel its beauty on our chat rooms.

Israel has 137 official beaches (but only 273 km of coastline) where you can see lots of people visiting for fun and enjoyment.

In addition, there is a "moadon" or "club" with a large-screen television which often hosts parties, workshops, lectures, and other activities.

During the academic year, only students who are enrolled full time in the International School are permitted to live in the dorms.

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It is amazing that More than 44% of all lawyers registered in Israel are women but unlike the serious Image of lawyers they have very loving nature.

What will you say when you interact with lady from Israel who is a lawyer?

Located in the dormitories complex are self-service laundry rooms and a grocery store.

All public spaces in the dormitories have WIFI Internet connections.

All students enrolled in summer programs can also live in the dorms.

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