Intimidating in spanish


Brick and Mortar Spanish: In this third section, you’ll expand your Spanish vocabulary so that you have a wider range of things to talk about.You already learned how to start sentences to share with others and seek information; this part will help you become familiar with a wider vocabulary.Extending Your Conversational Ability: You’ve becoming used to talking one-on-one in Spanish about a wide range of topics; now it’s time to expand your skills so that you can address larger groups.This section teaches you how to be confident when talking to groups of two or more people at a time.The prospect of learning a new language can be intimidating.

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In addition to hearing the words in the audio version, you can look at the Fast Start Guide to give you clues about how the words are spelled so you know you’re pronouncing them correctly.

With the instant download of the audio lessons, you can either listen to the lessons on your computer, download them to your i Pod, MP3 player, tablet, or phone, or burn them to CDs.

This way, you can listen to them at your leisure while you’re in your car, riding the bus or subway, jogging, or shopping in the grocery store.

If all of this seems to you like a straightforward, intuitive way to learn the Spanish language, then Synergy Spanish is the right language-learning course for you.

There’s nothing to be afraid of; the lessons aren’t difficult and intimidating.

Learning a new language from scratch when one is no longer a child may seem like a nearly impossible task.

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