Interracial dating for teens


Inside the issue, readers will learn the impact this has on society and how race overall is impacting the country.However, also in the issue is a discussion about the backlash of interracial dating in social media. What I find is that the biggest backlash often comes from the very community magazines like EBONY serve.But overall, it’s an enlightening piece, of course leaning sorta heavy on how easy black boys can swirl and opposed to black girls.

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(June 2005) As the United States population becomes ever more diverse, are more people dating across race lines? married couples that are interracial nearly doubled from 2.9 percent to 5.4 percent between 19, to a total of more than 3 million.

In an update on her Go Fund Me page, Allie wrote that her father wasn't being entirely honest.

"My father’s public accusations […] do not tell the full story and do not coincide with the personal opinions he has previously shared with me," she wrote.

Talking to the , Allie's father, Bill, say it isn't strictly about race, and rather that his daughter was seeing Michael in secrecy.

Of course, he also said that it isn’t his “preference” because of “issues” with interracial dating in the South.

Around Christmas, Michael tried to talk to her parents to see if they would accept him.

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