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A little about me: I'm a late 20's young professional.

Short, slim, and on a journey to repay all those student loans I racked up while I was trying to find myself.

So here’s a sample from the book, and it’s our chapter on first-date logistics. Give her the elevator speech in words that anyone can understand. Soon enough, you’ve had a few rounds and are feeling good. For example, in the first date, they went to a restaurant far away from either of their apartments or any realistic place where sex could happen.

A couple of notes on this: As we’re still writing the book, this chapter might look different in the finished product. “I write software that lets people pay their utility bills” is fine, if a little dry. You’re sitting close, touching each other when you’re laughing. In the second date, they were close by, so sex was on the table, and it was just easier (you can lose the vibe driving around in a car). Where You’re Taking Her and its Proximity to Your Place Listen, you may love the veal parmesan at Carmella’s Bistro, but if it’s across town and it’s not easy for you to get there and back then it’s not a good logistical choice for a date.

Hey, I'm a lurker who decided to post out of sheer frustration.

I live in the rural south, so dating opportunities are few and far between.

The area has a thriving hookup culture, but not much in the way of dating options (people or places).

I've tried using Grindr to arrange coffee dates and such, but most people are just looking for a quick fix to their immediate problem.

Another sidenote: no one would logically choose to have kids. So with that established (and even if you don’t agree, you special little snowflake, humor me for a moment), let’s talk about dating. If you’re driving with her, at best you can hope that there’s not a lot of traffic.You made a reservation, but the restaurant is busy and you end up having to wait with everyone else in the crowded anteroom where a cold blast of wind whips across your face every time the door opens. But what if you don’t live in a fun part of town, or even in a fun town itself? Yes this will cost more, but it will be worth it when you see the improvements it brings your dating life. The real answer is the drink doesn’t cost anything when someone buys it for you. Only if you’re a good dancer, but then if she isn’t, she won’t want to go. It should be nighttime outside, because people don’t hook up during the day.During the drive you make small talk about work and the weather. But in the back of a dark cab its easy to pull your date close to you and fool around.It’s Saturday night, 8 o’clock and the restaurant is packed. What’s more, with the prevalence of car services like Uber and Lyft, you don’t even need to stand in a cold street whistling at cabs. A single guy should be living in the part of town with all the nightlife.I know it's not an easy thing but moving really is a great option.

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