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But Deadlock's eyes were opened to what the Transformers' war had become when he stumbled across a lost faction of neutral Transformers long since forgotten.He discarded his ruthless ways, abandoned his guns for swords, and changed his name and appearance.When Drift returned to the Transformer war to make right what he put wrong, he was a bot of few words and disciplined action.

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Together, they jumped some guards and stole their weapons, however a stray blast stripped Wing of his cloak, revealing him to be Cybertronian.While Drift waited outside, Wing was admonished for bringing a corrupting influence to the city.He was ordered to keep Drift with him at all times.His knack for violence attracted the attention of the Cybertronian underground, who trained Drift as a killer.Amongst this group, Drift realized the level of corruption in the Senate, and a recruitment rally held by Megatron drew Drift in with his talk of equality.This was spoiled when one of the soldiers pointed out that Deadlock had been ordered to merely observe, and once again had disobeyed orders.

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