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Each member had become a millionaire many times over.

Intelligence, hard work and a lifestyle that promoted stable marriages and avoided many of the distractions that often sidetrack successful men were the hallmarks of this success.

Ann Darcy had reserved one of these on the mid level that gave her a view of the entrance from the privacy created by a tall curved wall almost encircling the table for two.

She had spent the past two days thinking through the conversation she was about to have with Lisa Cardin; a conversation about the possible future of Lisa and her husband, Jim, at Andra Corporation.

"Hi Lisa." Ann rose to give her a familiar hug as she came to table. Something must be up if we're having drinks at Creekside," Lisa said with a raised eyebrow as she greeted her friend.

Executive Privilege 1 – The Arrangement The lounge at the posh Creekside Hotel was spacious and offered several secluded alcove tables.

If "they" got this promotion, Jim would double his already generous salary and become eligible for sizeable bonuses and stock options.

Jim would also enter the pool of senior managers eligible for promotion to the Executive management level.

She had swept her blond hair into a smooth, classic style.

Although Lisa Cardin was Ann's close friend, today's meeting was not to be a personal one. Andra Corporation was doing particularly well at the moment, especially since the death of its founder.

Ann saw Lisa enter the lounge where she was immediately greeted by the Captain and led to Ann's private table.

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