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Throughout the 19th century, Iran was caught between two advancing imperial powers, Russia and Britain.

In 1892, the British diplomat George Curzon described Iran as "pieces on a chessboard upon which is being played out a game for the dominion of the world." During the latter half of the 19th century, the concession policies of the monarchy faced increased opposition.

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Initially, Britain mobilized its military to seize control of the British-built Abadan oil refinery, then the world's largest, but Prime Minister Clement Attlee opted instead to tighten the economic boycott Winston Churchill and the Eisenhower administration decided to overthrow Iran's government, though the predecessor Truman administration had opposed a coup, fearing the precedent that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) involvement would set.

Classified documents show that British intelligence officials played a pivotal role in initiating and planning the coup, and that the AIOC contributed ,000 towards the expense of bribing officials.

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The linked galleries are automatically added into our site.In 1892 the Shah was forced to revoke a tobacco monopoly given to Major G.F Talbot, following protests and a widespread tobacco boycott.In August 2013, 60 years afterward, the American CIA admitted that it was in charge of both the planning and the execution of the coup, including the bribing of Iranian politicians, security and army high-ranking officials, as well as pro-coup propaganda.According to the CIA's declassified documents and records, some of the most feared mobsters in Tehran were hired by the CIA to stage pro-Shah riots on 19 August.Other CIA-paid men were brought into Tehran in buses and trucks, and took over the streets of the city. Mosaddegh was arrested, tried and convicted of treason by the Shah's military court.

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