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Reviewing the %Program Data%\Software Update file shows the following exception: Sms Admin UISnap In Error: 1 : Unexpected exception: System. Throw Argument Exception(Exception Resource resource) at System. The main problem, is that in SCCM 2007 we have no "easy" way to create an Auto-Approval rule.

Argument Exception: An item with the same key has already been added. This will be solved in CM12 , until then , for the CM07 they will fix that mistake by update rollup 1.

Main(String[] args) More than one FEP 2010 definition update is being detected as active by the tool.

Soon I will launch a blog post to see if this is a real workable solution.

So now you will have with Update Rollup 1 a tool that facilitates the use of the Configuration Manager software updates functionality to download FEP definition updates and make them available to client computers running the FEP client software.

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Note: By default each policy you import will merge with the existing settings in the GPO, unless you tick the “clear the existing Forefront Endpoint Protection settings before import” option. Windows uses it’s existing ‘Windows updates’ path for getting updates.

FEP was built on Configuration Manager 2007 (R2 and R3 supported), so anyone with Configuration Manager deployed now has the unique ability to deliver desktop security on your existing infrastructure.

That means you’ll have: – A single console to manage health and protection of user systems – One server infrastructure to maintain – A single mechanism to deploy software and updates to clients – Central policy implementation for security and management – A single solution that desktop administrators need to be trained on, regardless of role As an added plus, FEP will even detect and remove the most common client antimalware agents currently residing on your current systems to streamline deployment.

To create the directory issue the following command; Here you will find the policy settings you require. When you are controlling settings via GPO this is what you will see on the client machines. From the files you extracted earlier locate and run the FEP2010

From here you can import and export all the policy settings from a particular group policy.

The following list is a summary of the updates in FEP Update Rollup 1 for server functionality.

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