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Or at least give it a shot.__Have you ever gone on a man fast?

As for Patriarchal Grandpa, shortly before he passed away, he met my husband, and I think he approved, in his own (nonverbal) way. Patriarchal Grandpa sighed and looked at the guy I was with.

Here is a paraphrasing of our conversation at the time: "Are you cooking yet?

Guys in their 30s living in their parents' basement. on a Thursday night just because you think I'm "hot.") And don't get me started on the guys who expected me to schlep to Connecticut or meet them at the train for a cup of coffee (thanks, but I'll pass), or separated married men, or guys who were clearly into shiksas but had signed up on JDate to please their parents.

Successful businessmen asking for late-night dates. And of course there were the always-entertaining guys who lied about their height.

There came a day during my single-and-getting-my-heart-broken-repeatedly phase when I decided it was time to swear off the opposite sex for a bit.

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