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Social moderation, Prof Hayward insists, is at the heart of the assessment process.

Examples of learners’ work, annotated by teachers, peers and the learners themselves, should be a normal and permanent part of school life.

The document details the learner’s progression within and through each of the Levels.

This will continue to be a work in progress, and we appreciate any feedback that you have whilst using the document to support planning and assessment.

Real interaction between P7 and S1 teachers will be at the core of developing good practice.

There is, Prof Hayward suggests, much innovative practice in supporting transition in Scotland.

New guidance from the Education Scotland agency followed concern that school reports and parents' evenings were blighted by professional language unfamiliar to families – including terms such as “developing”, “consolidating” or “secure”.

The guidance stated: "Do not spend time writing long reports for parents which describe lots of classwork or use professional jargon.” But Education Scotland was itself criticised for using unclear language, in a submission ahead of yesterday’s parliamentary committee by the University of Stirling’s Professor Mark Priestley.

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For Scottish teachers implementing Curriculum for Excellence (Cf E), assessment is a major dilemma.

The committee had called for submissions on the SQA’s performance, and found that one of the main issues raised was “vague and verbose documentation”.

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