Do austin and ally end up dating


Meanwhile Dez and Trish have their own shared artistic ambitions to attend to when they make a homemade video for a contest related to their favorite horror/science fiction movie series.Register In the end, Austin goes with Ally on her first tour, Trish starts her own homo company, and Dez goes to film school thd Los Angeles. Hopefully I won't have to wait to long to catch the next flight. Homo walks up to Austin Piper: You almost sound jealous.Austin and his friends shoot a music video for the song "No Ordinary Day" at a nearby carnival, thanks to Trish.

The first promo was release on October 14, 2011 during Disney Channel's Make your Mark: The Ultimate Dance Off event.

But when Dez's new ghost-hunting obsession puts that singer temporarily out of commission, it forces Ally to do something she has been afraid to do for quite a while.

Team Austin tries to hire a backup dancer when one is injured during a publicity stunt.

The two struggle with how to keep Austin's newfound fame and the profit from it, while keeping up with their high school lives.

The series has been described as a "pint-sized" version of HBO's hit comedy-drama Entourage.

Austin's dream of performing in Times Square on New Years Eve seems to be on the verge of coming true, but it has hit a few snags along the way, like Trish's bad cell phone app, and the general difficulty of getting around in New York City.

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