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The idea that the world was a few thousand years old, based on creationism, was challenged by evidence that man had existed long far longer. A variety of sources can be used to identify archaeological sites; while some sites survive above ground, others are buried and only earthworks are visible.Aerial photography can identify sites just below the surface which may go unnoticed from ground level.

However, it was not until the 19th century that archaeology emerged as a discipline with methods of recording and preservation.1963 Soil p H as a Tool in Archaeological Site Interpretation. 1967 Eighteenth Century Cemeteries: A Demographic View. Historical Archaeology -42.1968 The Inference of Residence and Descent from Archaeological Data. Some interesting 'keynote' address that Deetz put forth, was on the differences between archaeography, archaeology, and archeology.What he is demonstrating, is how these three put together maybe tearing apart the discipline of archaeology, but in reality, they make up the practice in anthropology.The subject was influenced by principles of stratigraphy, developed in the 17th century by the relatively new study of geology.

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