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A divorced lady, Tereza Burki, has taken a dating service to court in order to get her £12,600 (N6m) “gold” membership fee after the site failed to match her with the man of her dreams.

Burki, 47, who lives in central London, sued Seventy Thirty after the site failed to find her a “successful and rich divorcee who wanted to have a baby with her,” reports She said she was not put in touch with any of the men whose profiles had been shown to her before she paid the £12,600 membership fee.

There was no Facebook then so during her kids' naps, she became a writer.

She's a mom of seven, a grandmother, the author of three books and a three-time Catholic Press Association award winner.

Unfortunately the show has been cancelled after 2 seasons, much to the dismay of many. Anne Heche starred in the series as a relationship coach and a bestselling author.

Susie Lloyd married straight out of college, had three kids in three years, and began living the life every girl dreams of: staying inside too much.

Siren, named for the mythical beauties who lured sailors to shipwreck on rocky shores, was founded by Seattle artist Susie J.

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Previous works also employed digital means to allow interaction between viewers and artworks, perhaps foretelling her predisposition to create an application meant to digitally foster connections between people.

So, now there are places people can go if they want companionship and don’t want to ‘do the deed’ or just can’t.

Alaska Men® Magazine is the original homespun matchmaking effort that was put together by Susie Carter and her family on their kitchen table in Anchorage, Alaska over 20 years ago.

(2011) invited viewers to call, text or email a mixed-media sculpture that followed up with a message the next day, asking questions like “Are you thinking of me? ” And the interactive 2009 video installation Siren aims to be better than other digital dating services, and even when talking trash about the competition, Lee resorts to an artist’s vocabulary: “I didn’t believe anybody else’s self-portraits,” she told The Stranger’s Jen Graves.

Siren aims to create a more dynamic format than other apps, whose “static” profiles Lee found unappealing; she’s compared other sites’ inventories of humans to morgues.

When a bachelor tells Susie he's taken, she immediately publishes his name on the Yes!

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