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Is your friend still the Curator or has he moved on to less "clandestine" enterprises?

You could really help us here in New Zealand if you could set up a link between your friend and I.

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The Maori warriors overwhelmed the earlier people, annihilated or absorbed them, then took over everything the earlier group had...whole villages, canoes, greenstone objects, carved totems, cultural

Hi, my name is Paul, here's a little story you might find amusing from my school days at Kenmure Intermediate School in Dunedin in '77 when I was 12.

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I've heard this before in relation to the Otago Museum and have written about it in my book.

Several people have complained about this suppression of artefacts..not only in relation to Otago Museum's collection.

I guess history is not at all what I thought it was meant to be, but then again what's the opinion of a pommie bastard anyway???

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