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But for this feature, I was determined to change my play – and win a date, or at least a phone number, in the process.

Hitting up Helvetica with a group of friends, I was intimidated by the small cliques.

I had to scroll through my fair share of beer-fisting festivalgoers, and the occasional bathroom selfie (yes, really) but I found some diamonds in the rough – and I ain’t talking blingin’ chains.

I got matched with law students, photographers, musicians – even a cute guy we stopped on the street last edition to find the best places to pick up (hey, Rob! ) I committed to meeting up with a longhaired rocker who seemed to share my goofy sense of humour, and we had a few drinks and danced until dawn.

“We have found that Tinder is a good gateway concept – it introduces younger people to the idea of online dating without the stigma of the ‘last chance saloon’ reputation that online dating has,” says Chris.

Granted, it does have a bit of a seedy rep – people will crinkle their noses when they see the app on your phone (though don’t be fooled, they’re probably using it, too).

Although I didn’t feel sparks fly, I had some great conversations – and my ego puffed up when they emailed me the next day to say I had one of the highest tick rates in history. PROS People are usually serious about finding a relationship, not just a one-night-stand.

Sharon I was married previously for fourteen years, and had split up about a year before.

” – plus a couple of guys who sheepishly admitted to being ‘extras’, called in by the owners when the male attendees looked scant.

But everyone was friendly and the last-resort question cards remained largely face down.

A writer for The Atlantic recently wrote a piece claiming that in a post-Tinder age, speed dating has ironically become one of the slowest forms of dating around.

Much like vinyl or fixies, speed dating is attracting throngs of young hipsters for its almost retro appeal. And when I saw Double Double Small Bar was running speed dating, my curiosity was instantly piqued.

Champagne flowed and the pickings were varied – there was a handsome Swiss astrophysicist (yes, really.

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